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Wogs TTT Rules (Updated 4/17/19)

Random Death Match
-RDM is not acceptable. RDMing will result in an appropriate amount of slays.
-RDMing a Traitor or Detective will be 2 slays, while RDMing an innocent will be 1 slay.
-RDMing includes: damaging/killing with props, explosive barrels, fall damage, grenades, traps, hitting, or shooting another player.
-You cannot RDM AFKs. This will be handled as normal RDM.
-Revenge RDM isn’t allowed. Contact staff to handle someone who has RDMed you.
-RDMing for a Goodie Crate is against the rules.
-Do not kill off of suspicion at any time. This will be handled as RDM.
-If you are dead, do not damage other players with props. This will be handled as RDM.
-Mass RDM will result in a ban at length appropriate to the situation. Mass RDM is when you RDM three or more people over 1 round or over several rounds.
-If you RDM and leave, you will be banned or have your slays doubled.

KOSing (Kill On Sight)
-You cannot KOS off of gun, location, trail, or player model. The simple way to think about it is that you can only KOS someone if you directly see them do something traitorous.
-If you KOS someone falsely and they are killed, then it can be treated as RDM.

-Ghosting isn’t allowed on the server. This includes any use of third party chat outside of the WoGs discord.
-You will be warned if caught using third party chat. If you continue to use it then you will be banned.
-Telling people ANY information in game that they shouldn't know, even if it is false, will be considered ghosting. This includes telling them locations of items or players, telling them orders (eg. "Revive me please), or telling them who is dead/alive.

-Racism is not tolerated. You will banned or p-gagged if you are caught being racist.
-Mic/Text spamming will result in a gag/mute
-Excessive foul language will result in a gag/mute
-Do not advertise other servers, you will be gagged/muted.
-Do not be toxic. This can result in a gag/mute or ban

-Names should be in English and not be purposely confusing. You may be kicked if it is deemed that your name does not follow this rule. Needs to have 3 consecutive english characters.
-Changing names mid-round will automatically ban you for 10 minutes even if you are dead. Please change your name during preround/preparing to avoid this.

-Any glitching/exploiting is not allowed. If you find a bug within the inventory system, you should report it. If you are caught exploiting it, you may be permanently banned and have your inventory wiped.
-Exploiting locations on maps that are not allowed will result in you being warned or tp'ed. You should not go in places where you can only see one way through it or only shoot one way through it.
-Hacking is not allowed.
-Do not intentionally lag the server.
-Propsurfing is allowed unless it is to access an exploit area. Only propsurf within the playable area, not to unintended areas (seethrough walls, one way walls, other exploit area characteristics).

-Respect staff members. If you believe a staff member is acting inappropriately contact a higher staff or make a report on the forums.
-If you continuously disregard what staff say, and continue to break the rules, you will be banned.
-You can contact staff using “@" in chat followed by your message. Please do not spam admin chat.
-Don’t door spam/door block in a way that no one can enter. This will result in a warning, and if it continues, you may be slayed/banned.
-Do not make stupid/pointless votes as a member while staff are on. This includes votekicks/votegags.
-Do not make false RDM reports. You will be counter-slain, and banned if it continues.
-Out of game trading isn’t allowed, and will result in a ban and/or inventory wipe.
-Do not metagame. Metagaming involves acting in ways that unfairly put one team at an advantage or disadvantage. Often associated with sabotaging ones own team. Includes calling out your t buddies, watching/letting a traitor kill innocents, ignoring kosses, giving t items to innos, etc. You will be warned/slayed and can be banned.
-If you are gagged/muted and you leave and come back to get rid of it, you will be regagged/remuted, and if you continuously do it, you may be banned.
-If you attach a grapple someone near a ledge where they can fall to their death, they may kill you without warning (even if it is a detective grappling an innocent).
-Point/Crate Farming will result in a ban.
-Don't do votemaps to ANY TF2 maps or CS maps. Only do maps with gm or TTT. Even then it is very iffy because a lot of the maps on the menu don't actually exist. We recommend avoiding votemap unless it's necessary.
-Don't use trails when you are dead or in spectator.
-Do not kill people in preround unless you have consent.
-Staff should not have to kick you for being afk. If you continuously go afk, staff will warn you to stop, and if it still continues, you may be banned. If you know you are going do something, leave the server; you are taking a slot that someone else may need.
-If you use a bind to prevent yourself from going afk, or force yourself out of spectator repeatedly only to continue going afk, you will be punished for pointfarming. This could include a point/inventory wipe or ban.

Innocent Rules
-Proof is needed to KOS or kill any player, otherwise it is considered RDM.
-Do not plant c4.
-Do not traitor bait. This can cause players to kill you. If it is found that you are t-baiting in order to get someone karma banned, then you will be banned instead.
-If someone is following you, you can kill them after you have given them 3 typed warnings that are 5 seconds apart.
-Live checks cannot be used to kill people. Detectives can use live checks in overtime (see detective rules).
-When disarming c4 you must give a clear warning, unless it is under 10 seconds, so that other people can clear the area. If you don’t warn and it kills others, it will be considered RDM.
-You cannot force players to test.
-You cannot claim areas.

Detective Rules
-You are a detective, therefore you can traitor bait as long you do not hurt/endanger another player. This means you can traitor bait (for example, carrying around a t weapon openly) but you cannot karma bait (shooting next to someone to provoke them into attacking you, etc)
-You cannot force players to test
-Be active as detective. If you do not wish to be detective, turn the option off in the f1 menu.
-Detectives can claim a single room off limits per round. See Claim Rules
-Last seen is not definitive proof of guilt.
-You can, in overtime, use a live check. You must give players at least 15 seconds to respond to a live check before kossing those who do not.

Traitor Rules
-Do not camp as a traitor. You will be slain for delaying the round.
-You must kill all innocents and detectives, and avoiding doing this counts as delay.
-You can only kill other traitors with explicit consent.
-Do not work against your teammates i.e. calling them out or defusing their c4s.
-You cannot claim areas.
-You can kill by any means, including prop-killing (This does not mean possessing a prop as a spectator).
-Before setting off an IED or other explosives without built in warnings (like C4 timers), you must give your t-buddies a clear warning in t-chat and time to leave the room, or that can be considered rdm.

Traitorous Acts/Things that may get you KOSed
You may be killed by innocents for all traitorous acts
-Carrying explosive barrels (one 5 second warning needed, in chat or over mic)
-Shooting randomly around/at a player
-Damaging a player
-Activating a trap near a player
-Calling out an innocent
-Implying/saying you are a traitor
-Carrying an unidentified body (requires one 5 second warning in chat)
-Disposing of an unidentified body (throwing it off the map, putting it somewhere unreachable, etc. Does not require a warning if it has already been thrown out of reach)
-Intentionally moving a body that a detective is trying to defibrillate (requires one 5 second warning in chat)
-Walking by an unidentified body, but you must give 3 warnings in chat 5 seconds apart for them to ID the body. They must actually be close to the body for you to be able to use this on them.
-Breaking/hitting Traitor testers or health stations
-Throwing discombobs at players near places that they can take fall damage
-If you grapple onto someone near a ledge where they can fall to their death, you may be killed without warning
-Holding out or using a t/d item (to be clear, items that are ONLY detective items are not kossable to hold out or use (ie. plasma shield). But, items that are traitor only OR traitor/detective will get you kossed (traitor only item: C4. Traitor/detective item: grapple hook)
-Associating with a traitor (See Definitions/Explanations for clarification)
-Throwing a glaive
-Holding out the silenced pistol (this includes the t weapon AND all uniques with that model (ex. the Pocket Troller))

Note: The lights on Clue are not KOSable.

Admin Rules
-Just because you're an admin does not mean that you can be a douche -- if someone asks for your help, then help/respond to them.
-If a higher ranked staff member tells you something, listen. If you don’t agree contact another staff member or fingerknitter/Jason.
-Warn people before banning them, unless the act is worthy of an immediate ban.
-When banning people, do not over ban them i.e. don’t ban someone for a week for RDMing 1 person.
-Obey the rules. You may be warned and will be demoted.
-Read Staff Specific Rules
-Don’t use excessive/unneeded commands.
-Do not gag and mute someone at the same time. If someone does not have a mic, don’t mute them. If they are spamming, kick them and ban them if they come back and continue.
-As staff, try to help players as much as possible. We want to make our players happy.

All users may be selected for random mic checks at any given time.

By playing on our server, you accept to follow these rules, and accept that you may be randomly mic-checked to ensure the integrity of the game.

*These rules may be amended at anytime. As the server is updated, any necessary rules will be added. Contact fingerknitter if something is unclear or not covered.
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