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Valentines Day Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Fingerknitter, she was walking down the street when she noticed a real hottie Heart. She was not a hottie though, she looked like my back end. Not a pretty sight.

Confidently, she walked up to the hottie and asked for his name. His name turned out to be ✭Mori Me✭; together they walked and talked. She told him he was a real hottie and you wouldn't believe what happened next. He said "thank you, but you look like my booty hole if I don't shave it for 48 years"

They fell in love, and made horrendous babies. They looked like desk-chairs.

The End.
(03-21-2015, 01:36 AM)Jason11040 Wrote: Ender is my favorite person on the server

I know deh Whey

[Image: 76561198035964170.png]

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>wants unban 
>calls finger ugly
>never gets unbanned
Amazing story, we should nominate it for an award of the highest honor.
[Image: 52047640_631330163969599_666532298603731...e=5CE02915]
Ender gman shitposter conformed
[Image: 1418688627056.gif]


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