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WoGs Courtroom part 14 "The Final Chapter" part 1

Before I get into it, there's a TON of new players. I'd like to give them a chance to understand this too. So, i've provided a link to ALL of my other previous stories in chronological order below. Thanks!
insert part 3 here because it's actually irrelevant and has nothing to do with the story AT ALL

*Previously on WoGs Courtroom

8illy's entire posture changed. He shot up from his slouched, confident position, into a more attentive one. For the first time in a long time, I had the upper hand. The only way I have that is from Gails death. *Blood splattered and a shotgun blast came through the puppet's face and killed Gail. He suffered a horrible death, at the hands of a horrible man. * The thought of it is horrible. I cannot fathom all the pain that he felt. He had suffered so much, and because of it. Gave us the upper hand. After all this time.

"Why? It seems irrelevant." Said 8illy obviously on edge.

"Sure, Ender, step outside with me for a bit please." Said Jason.

I stood there, for roughly an hour telling Jason everything I remember since passing out. Naturally he didn't believe me until I brought up Ayrical. He was still skeptical until I told him about Finger missing. He believe us then because Finger wouldn't abandon us like that for no reason. He also would normally be the one to make a report but 8illy made this one.

Jason said that nothing could be done though. He too was afraid of 8illy, but also didn't want to associate with us lower-tier's. That's what they call us. Anyone "above" us. He said he didn't care as long as it didn't happen inside of his base. Typical lazy higher-ups.

The meeting was adjourned after our talking, and me and Ayrical were out to find Finger. We went down to the Archives. Dusted over and needing a touch up, all that was irrelevant after we found a Blood Trail at least 4 inches in diameter. Suggesting someone had been drug on the floor.


Walking around the ancient, rustic looking archives, we were following the blood trail. Me and Ayrical heard something crash in the farther-most corner to the right of us. It was a seemingly endless labyrinth where we stood. The noise was very faint.


"Ayrical, we should split up. It sounds kind of cliche and one of us might die, but this calls for it. I'm serious." I said in a visibly shaken manner. He reluctantly agreed and he went to the left and I went to the right. Bookshelves upon bookshelves left and right, in front and behind. It really seemed endless. No audible noise could be heard unless it was deafeningly loud had you been directly beside it. That's why I was so shaken when I spoke, I knew exactly how big this area was, and that earlier noise was faint, but very audible.

I ended up looking at a few of the scrolls that surrounded me. They are so bountiful, and we are just hording them. Not known to even be existing to the general population. The more I've gotten into this community, the more I've realized just how horrible we really are. We have so many resources and so many of our population is scrounging, killing, for mere scraps. And here I am, in such a place that I am surrounded to so many answers to our problems as a general populous, and cannot help at this very moment.

It seemed an eternity I'd been wandering that stupid maze. I had been walking for many minutes, and many more. I wasn't even sure if I had been going in the same direction anymore. So many left turns, and so many of the opposite. It was a real mix-up for my mind. I started to become parched. I'd taken a scroll I came across earlier. It read 'Wat~~' I took it for water, and began reciting the 12 word enchantment. I cupped my hands, and water appeared. I was both astounded and disgusted. We had this, and weren't sharing it.

I heard another loud bang. This time it was almost ear splitting. It was directly in front of me, only thing separating me from that noise was a thin bookshelf. I approached, HK-45C in hand. The same one Finger loaned me. I'd collected it from "Collection Tent" in Bay 17-Alps.

I heard a groan as I stood in front of the bookshelf, trembling at the thought of what might lie in front of me as I cross this thin border. I slowly crept towards the left side of the bookshelf, and peeked around. A single light illuminated a huge pile of blood, and then I saw movement. What I mistook to just be blood, groaned.

"Whoah" said a familiar voice.

"Ayrical, how long have you been here?" I said looking at him. He was adjacent to the huge blood pile, and the mass that was groaning earlier.

"About as long as you I take it" he said. "What do you think we should do?

"Let's see what it is I guess. It can't be in too good of shape like this!" I said, scared of what we were about to discover.

The mass in front of us was body shaped. It was sprawled out under an originally white cloth, now visibly covered in blood.

Ayrical went to move it, putting his legs over the location where the upper torso would be on a person. He bent over, and went to remove the blood soaked cloth. As he did, I turned around to check around us. Immediately following my turning around, there was a deafeningly loud RING. I turned back around, temporarily deaf, to see Ayrical standing lifeless, cloth removed from the mass, over a rigged revolver. It was a trap. The mass was mostly sand, and the cloth was covered in fake blood, and there was a clip on the head- area of the cloth. That clip was tied to the trigger of the revolver, and the barrel was smoking.

Ayrical fell over, blood gushing from his exposed arteries. His head was completely gone, and he was Dead.

I collapsed from the rush of both Adrenaline and complete and utter trauma. Bawling my eyes out at the loss of a very close friend, I lost it. Emotionally and mentally. The man behind this sick game had to be stopped. An hour passed, and I was still on the ground. I was beginning to get a grip of myself, and I looked up. A second light was illuminated in front of me in this clearing in this labyrinth. A man was rolling in a wheel chair out in front of me, and he was familiar. It was Finger.

"Oh....... Hey Ender."

Finger's voice was deep, but smooth, almost comforting in a way.

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Please comment what you think I work ridiculously hard on these (:
ayre is never gonna know the ending thoughhh
Two years in the making
“Finger's voice was deep, but smooth, almost comforting in a way.”

Lmao you’d be surprised how much I hear this in my day to day, it’s sorta unsettling actually

On the topic of the story though

WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrown off by that ending haha
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(10-13-2018, 10:21 PM)fingerknitter Wrote: “Finger's voice was deep, but smooth, almost comforting in a way.”

Lmao you’d be surprised how much I hear this in my day to day, it’s sorta unsettling actually

On the topic of the story though

WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrown off by that ending haha

thrown off how..? there's a lot of ways lol
How many people were surprised by the Revolver? Finger told me He was. Anyone else?

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