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WoGs Courtroom part 13 "The Meeting"

*Previously on WoGs Courtroom

I woke up, and walked around. I met some of the new members. One of which was only a kid. His name, Perhaps. He seemed very bright. I met some of the others and didn't pay much attention to them because of the man in the corner. The man who I wished would not have been there.

I approached him, shaking his left hand with mine firmly, as if not to raise suspicion. He had a firm grasp on my hand, and shook it up and down vigorously, until I broke the silence.

"What - Are - You - Doing - Here."

He raised his head, raising his straw hat. And then he spoke.

"Hello Ender, how are you feeling?"

"What do you mean? You know how I'm feeling. Where's Ayrical? Where's Fingerknitter? I know you know."

"Listen 8illy, if you don't expose yourself, I will." And then it happened again. His eyes glowed, they shook with horrifying power. They shook as if I were drugged and the only thing I could see were his eyes. Then, he turned away in pain, he saw something again. Like before, he turned to the stained beige wall. His eyes, smoking. he turned to me, then, he was gone. In an instant. No one else noticed him. I walked up to Perhaps and told him to avoid him at ALL costs.

I walked down to Med Bay 2 and found Ayrical. But no fingerknitter. I told Ayrical about 8illy being here and he had no recollection of the events leading up to this.

"Ender, I'm scared. I don't -" He paused.

"I don't want to die. I worked so hard to merge with mythical and I don't want it to go to waste."

A few hours later, I found myself in a meeting with the Super Administrators. Among them, was 8illy.

Coming into this meeting, I knew things wouldn't go well. Only me, Finger, and Ayrical knew about 8illy. He was a force that needed to be dealt with. He, tortured Gail. He made us play that, sick game for his personal enjoyment. I walked down the corridor, plastered with riches, with each glance from wall to wall I realized how plentiful we were in money. But, why was none of it shared? It didn't matter anymore. I had too many other things on my mind. Like why I, of anyone else, was called into this meeting. Was it something 8illy called? But wouldn't Ayrical be heading this way too? I don't know anymore.

I pushed the ridiculously large brass doors open with my filthy hand leaving a print of ash and dust from our collapsed society. As I did so, I was disgusted that our riches weren't being shared with the less fortunate.

Walking in, seeing an abnormally large table that spanned at least 37 feet across, it only had 4 people there. The ones I recognized were Jason and 8illy. The other two I didn't know.

No words were said for at least 30 seconds. 8illy sat there, staring into my trembling eyes lifelessly. Jason and the other 2 people I didn't recognize sat there filing papers, twiddling it between there hands looking at notes about something. Just then, the sun was exposed through the 50 feet tall stained glass windows behind them. I saw one of the papers title.

"Mission Details - Report Assignment 0334" That's - That's the mission I was on. But there was something wrong. Me and Ayrical couldn't have written it because we were both unconscious, and Finger is no-where to be found. 8illy is the only one who could've -

"Ender, Right?" Jason broke the silence.

"Uh-- Yes. Yes. It's me. What's the purp-"

"You wanna tell me, what happened? Who is that man we have downstairs with the odd voice?"

He had to have been talking about Ayrical. I didn't know what to say.

"That's Ayres and a dead man. They became one." said 8illy quietly.

"Jason, can we speak privately?" I said.

8illy's entire posture changed. He shot up from his slouched, confident position, into a more attentive one. For the first time in a long time, I had the upper hand. The only way I have that is from Gails death. *Blood splattered and a shotgun blast came through the puppet's face and killed Gail. He suffered a horrible death, at the hands of a horrible man. * The thought of it is horrible. I cannot fathom all the pain that he felt. He had suffered so much, and because of it. Gave us the upper hand. After all this time.

"Why? It seems irrelevant." Said 8illy obviously on edge.

"Sure, Ender, step outside with me for a bit please." Said Jason.

I stood there, for roughly an hour telling Jason everything I remember since passing out. Naturally he didn't believe me until I brought up Ayrical. He was still skeptical until I told him about Finger missing. He believe us then because Finger wouldn't abandon us like that for no reason. He also would normally be the one to make a report but 8illy made this one.

Jason said that nothing could be done though. He too was afraid of 8illy, but also didn't want to associate with us lower-tier's. That's what they call us. Anyone "above" us. He said he didn't care as long as it didn't happen inside of his base. Typical lazy higher-ups.

The meeting was adjourned after our talking, and me and Ayrical were out to find Finger. We went down to the Archives. Dusted over and needing a touch up, all that was irrelevant after we found a Blood Trail at least 4 inches in diameter. Suggesting someone had been drug on the floor.

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I like +1 for the story to be published in a book and more.

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