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WoGs Courtroom part 12 "The Surprise" part 3

*Previously on WoGs Courtroom

He had strength for one thing, and that's what he did. That one thing. He raised his arm to about chest level, and placed something on the table. It was a Tape Recorder. My heart sank. This was just another sick game. A twisted game, and we were pawns. The wall behind Gail opened just slightly enough for a small trike to come wheeling out, with a doll sitting on the seat. It began laughing. Ayrical picked up the recorder, and pressed play.

"Hello, Fingerknitter. I want to play a game. For the past couple of years, you've hid in the shadows doing your "work" silently and undisturbed. Until now, you've taken everything for granted and abused your access to some very crucial resources. Well today, is your lucky day. All you have to do, is abuse one more resource. In order to unlock the door that stands behind you, you must kill the remaining men in this room. Kill them, and you live. They kill you, and they win. You will have until the timer hits zero. A timer started for twenty five minutes, and as it did, a loud ringing went off in the room. Blood splattered and a shotgun blast came through the puppet's face and killed Gail. He suffered a horrible death, at the hands of a horrible man.

Finger raised his gun to my head.

"Finger, calm down. We can talk about this!" I said with no confidence in my voice that anyone could reason with him at this point. The way he held his gun let me know that he was afraid. Quivering in place, sweating at the forehead. He stood there, pale as the whitest orchid on a warn spring morning, Desert Eagle at the ready, aimed at my head.

"Yo dawg! Finger, Calm your flaps man!" Ayrical said panicking.

"I can't, did you hear that recorder? He's never been wrong before. Never been defeated. Never been defeated. He always comes out successful in some manner."

I had some new Adreneline pumping through my body now. Naturally, not injected. As I am standing there shaking as to what might happen to me, Finger did something that shocked me. He told me that I need to pick up one of the bodies in the room, and hold it up to me.

I had no choice but to trust him and pick up the body. I thought about every scenario that could occur.

As I proceeded to pick up the body, The timer struck Thirty Seconds Finger shot the body twice, with a bullet penetrating the rib cage, entering my pelvis, knocking me out cold. The rest I don't know. I woke up, back at base. With new people around. New people I had never seen before. And, someone I wished were not there.

I woke up, and walked around. I met some of the new members. One of which was only a kid. His name, Perhaps. He seemed very bright. I met some of the others and didn't pay much attention to them because of the man in the corner. The man who I wished would not have been there.

I approached him, shaking his left hand with mine firmly, as if not to raise suspicion. He had a firm grasp on my hand, and shook it up and down vigorously, until I broke the silence.

"What - Are - You - Doing - Here."

He raised his head, raising his straw hat. And then he spoke.

"Hello Ender, how are you feeling?"

"What do you mean? You know how I'm feeling. Where's Ayrical? Where's Fingerknitter? I know you know."

"Listen 8illy, if you don't expose yourself, I will." And then it happened again. His eyes glowed, they shook with horrifying power. They shook as if I were drugged and the only thing I could see were his eyes. Then, he turned away in pain, he saw something again. Like before, he turned to the stained beige wall. His eyes, smoking. he turned to me, then, he was gone. In an instant. No one else noticed him. I walked up to Perhaps and told him to avoid him at ALL costs.

I walked down to Med Bay 2 and found Ayrical. But no fingerknitter. I told Ayrical about 8illy being here and he had no recollection of the events leading up to this.

"Ender, I'm scared. I don't -" He paused.

"I don't want to die. I worked so hard to merge with mythical and I don't want it to go to waste."

A few hours later, I found myself in a meeting with the Super Administrators. Among them, was 8illy.
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good story i was in it so 10/10 story
wow good story

just kidding i havent even read it yet
Okay, first off. This is good.
Second off. I haven't read any of the story other than this.
hmm somehow I knew right after I saw "I want to play a game" I knew 8illy was going to be involved.
I am going to list me favorite parts of these stories in order.

1. Finger shooting you
2. Ayrical is in love with mythical xD
3. 8illy is the bad guy
(06-15-2018, 08:08 AM)[WoGs] -THH- AvocadoAvenger Wrote: 2. Ayrical is in love with mythical xD

Bruh if u payed attention in part 1 Ayrical is Ayres and Mythical nerd. C’mon
(06-15-2018, 08:24 AM)WoGs Ender_Gman Wrote:
(06-15-2018, 08:08 AM)[WoGs] -THH- AvocadoAvenger Wrote: 2. Ayrical is in love with mythical xD

Bruh if u payed attention in part 1 Ayrical is Ayres and Mythical nerd. C’mon

My dude, i know who they are, i just stated the characters from the story instead of their real life counterparts
Next new bind "Yo dawg! Finger, Calm your flaps man!"
Boiiiiii throw me in one of them screee
why am i not in this, im sad

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