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WoGs Courtroom Part 11 "The Surprise" Part 2

*Previously on WoGs Courtroom

Ayrical spoke, "I guess now's as good a time as ever to tell you how I, how we exist, huh?" I reluctantly agreed, and he began. "I used to have access to Archives. Our Archives, they contained many weird and mystical things, things that did and did not belong in our "reality" I'll call it. One of which, was a scroll, it told of the possibility to merge with someone. Half the page was missing, tore out by an unknown person, at least to my knowledge. *Shrugging at Finger, where he shrugged back* The half that was there, was the incantation, nothing complicated like people like to assume ancient/weird scrolls are. How rude of them, anyways, It read something about dead men, but that's where the cut off was. I memorized it and went about my life. I heard all the commotion in the basement and went down to check it out. That's when I found Mythical's freshly dead corpse. I decided I'd give it a try. And, here we are. We did always joke about becoming one person anyway haha"

I was beyond any reasoning at that point, but I didn't have anything to say after that. Finger handed me his HK45C and pulled out a P22 from a pouch he had in his pants, and proceeded to hand it to Ayrical.

"Let's do this!" The reverb-like voice Ayrical had.

We heard shouting coming down from the hall, Finger picked the electronic lock the door had on it, so it must have set off some silent alarm.


As the voices became less and less distant, I checked my clip in my HK45C and found it was empty. Finger said that it would keep shooting as long as I kept pulling the trigger and DIDN'T MISS. He emphasized that part. If there's anything I've learned, it's that nothing makes sense in this hell. I wondered if this was the same kind of trickery that Billy was using when.... When things went horribly wrong. Back at base.

The hallway was a narrow path that was about fifteen feet wide, and thirty feet long. At the end, it had two paths that went both left and right.

Finger and Ayrical were talking about how to effectively take out the oncoming mass of guards. They was clearly just around the corner when I threw the door open, carelessly running down the hall, gun drawn and praying to any gods that I wouldn't die today. I had too much to do still.

I was being shot at. However, nothing hit me. I shot down the spark filled hallway as I heard screaming behind me. I kept pulling the trigger, until it couldn't shoot anymore. I had done it all, in a matter of seconds.

Finger and Ayrical met with me, not happy. They were telling me how stupid I was, but, then I woke up. I didn't know where I was again. I felt an agonizing pain in my side below my bottom left rib. There was only one thing that was possible, I, was shot.

While I was berserking I thought I was unscathed. It's the Adrenaline. It does some funny things to the body, especially in small bursts like that one.

I was injected with something. Something green and pure, liquid adrenaline. I was good to go for at least fifteen minutes. We set out.

"Ender, you're one of the dumbest people I know, and I love that about you" Ayrical said. I didn't know who said it, seeing as how there were technically two of them in one, so I assumed the brain functions were the same halves the people owned before the fusion.

We made it to a control room with very little conflict, which was surprising considering the situation. We found a camera system in this room. We saw a camera feed that was linked to a room much like the one me and Ayrical were in. It had a table and a chair, with someone sitting in the chair. In the chair, was an old friend. The friend I spared during... my "game". Finger pointed something out to me, a monitor with a map on it. It was an old, early 2000's monitor. Very blurry and cube-like. We tracked where me and Ayrical started to the room we're in right now, then tried to figure out where Gail was.

We ended up finding him. He was in Cell block C - room 13. I was walking to go get him with my adrenaline wearing off, but I couldn't leave without being called in. Finger places his Index' on the monitor. There were at least twelve guards in the room with him. But they blended in with the blue tinted wall, and the blurry screen.

Gail looked very sickly. He needed medical attention and still had all of his injuries from when we were besieged at out Base. We decided to and attempt to break him out of his cell.

As we arrived outside of his door, I was starting to fade away. My Adrenaline was wearing out. Ayrical opened the door as something weird happened. We stormed the room to find everyone dead. Everyone but Gail. He was not okay, but he was unresponsive until Ayrical recklessly slapped him awake. We tried talking to him but he was beyond that.

He had strength for one thing, and that's what he did. That one thing. He raised his arm to about chest level, and placed something on the table. It was a Tape Recorder. My heart sank. This was just another sick game. A twisted game, and we were pawns. The wall behind Gail opened just slightly enough for a small trike to come wheeling out, with a doll sitting on the seat. It began laughing. Ayrical picked up the recorder, and pressed play.

"Hello, Fingerknitter. I want to play a game. For the past couple of years, you've hid in the shadows doing your "work" silently and undisturbed. Until now, you've taken everything for granted and abused your access to some very crucial resources. Well today, is your lucky day. All you have to do, is abuse one more resource. In order to unlock the door that stands behind you, you must kill the remaining men in this room. Kill them, and you live. They kill you, and they win. You will have until the timer hits zero. A timer started for twenty five minutes, and as it did, a loud ringing went off in the room. Blood splattered and a shotgun blast came through the puppet's face and killed Gail. He suffered a horrible death, at the hands of a horrible man.

Finger raised his gun to my head.

Part 12 soon . . .
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Of course, I should have known. It's so simple. I can't believe that I didn't realize it earlier. Traps are not gay. It's all so clear now.

Oh yeah, the story. Goddamn you Finger. Always shooting people and shit.
Dang do intense man never knew sone your age could make this
My story still not out cause I got distracted but I'll make when I'm out of school

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