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WoGs Courtroom Part 9 "I want to play a game"


The room, it was infiltrated. There were people pointing guns at us. People that I never knew existed. Tens of people in a small space. Fail, was shot. Wounded badly, but not dead. A man emerged from the crowd of obvious, opposing faction members.

"You can come with us, or be forced to come with us."

But, something happened. A man came from a secret entrance. The walls behind us, behind ME, moved. A man that had stringy hair and a straw hat. Red Eyes. And, a clean suit. This man, was Billy.

* *

Billy unleashed all of Hell on them. He probably put 600 rounds into each person. He seemed to pull the ammo out of nowhere. Never needing to reload. Knowing that they were dead, he continued. He, was our hero, or, so we thought. There was something off about him. His eyes. They told a story. A very dark story. . . I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Hey thanks Billy. You really turned out to come in handy. Where have you been, and, how long has that wall be-" Mythical was cut off. My ears still ringing, I heard a very silent noise. A Ding.

Mythical dropped to the floor, Billy not moving, other than staring at us with his creepy cheeks and eyes. There was only one thing said for a while. For the most part, it was a stand off.

"Bi-Billy, what was that.....? You, what happened?" Said Headshooter. But, after saying that a blur of red moved across the room to him. Headshooter was standing behind me and all I saw was red. Red blur, scurry across the room. It was right behind me, his bushy hair brushing against my neck. His hat fell onto the floor. But, I heard a groan from behind me. Then, something fell. Someone. Onto me, it was Headshooter. Dead.

As I turned around, I was overcome with dread. Billy's eyes were locked onto mine from the second I decided to turn my stiff neck. His mouth moved, seeming to chip away paint, as if his lips were painted over white. He began chuckling, and said this.

"I want to play a game."

At that VERY moment, the lights turned out, and I was hit over my head. Just as things were looking up for us, there was a Traitor amongst us. A leader, a traitor. All the same by this point. I woke up along with Leone and Gail. Gail, still very Badly Wounded. A tape player was in my hand, along with what was inside, a tape.

"Hello Ender_Gman, I want to play a game. For the past year you have spent your life scamming people of very valuable items, but today, I want to see if you will commit one more scam. You will steal someone's very valuable item, their life. You chose who dies and who lives. Move, and a 30 second timer will be activated before you will all die. Will you scam someone of the one thing you can't ge back? Or will your pride get in the way. Chose carefully. Let the games begin."

I was stunned. I knew Billy was sick, but I had no clue it was this bad.

As I sat there, I noticed I was chained to a pipe, with Leone. He had a gun in his hand. A Colt 44 with what I assumed had one bullet in the chamber. He was freaking out and activated the timer. Apparently, he had a wire too. A timer starter ticking and I demanded he hand me the gun. He was refusing to.

"Ender, I don't know what this kind of MESSED UP GAME this is, but it's time to stop. You've pulled some stunts in the past but this is too far."

"Dude, I can explain this, but I need the gun. Seriously, or Im gonna shoot you when this is done. Not even freaking joking. Give it to me now."

The rest is a blur, but the timer was at Ten Seconds. I only remember forcefully taking the gun from him, and beating him with it. The timer went to Three Seconds and I shot him. He, was dead. The timer ran out and nothing happened for a good minute or two. My chain was remotely unlocked and, from there, I got Gail and left. From there I went back to the blood-filled 67th way base. A lot of people were there. I was covered in blood. One thing I noticed, is the people there weren't people I recognized. I, was a prisoner. Along with Gail.

Thanks for reading this. I have been watching the Saw movies and wanted to write this Tongue but this is now part of the story. This took me two days to write LMAO. A lot of thought goes into these.

*Next Chapter, I am going to be adding more characters into this. Let me know some feedback!*
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i honestly want to see where this story is going in the long run but it is good so far
(03-21-2018, 09:27 PM)Mythical Space Whore Wrote: i honestly want to see where this story is going in the long run but it is good so far

I think I’ll do 15 chapters total. But we’ll see. I’d probably do a sequel after that for about 5-8 chapters then maybe a prequel. But those are just ideas haha
Beginning a bit confusing because of the reset story arc but I get the jists of it.

Cough banned for scamming cough

And defuq ender where am i

And also why Leone? Gail was wounded and he autistic
(03-21-2018, 11:38 PM)Phantom Wrote: Beginning a bit confusing because of the reset story arc but I get the jists of it.

Cough banned for scamming cough

And defuq ender where am i

And also why Leone? Gail was wounded and he autistic

Gail put up the least resistance. Wink
so i just keep somehow surviving these events
(03-22-2018, 08:44 AM)Mythical Space Whore Wrote: so i just keep somehow surviving these events

You are dead. Billy stabbed you.
somehow i didnt read that line where it said i dropped

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