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WoGs Courtroom part 8 "A New Hope"

*Six months after Siege*

We all took refuge at our hideout we like to call '67th way'. Seeing as how it hasn't been compromised yet it's the best place we have to hang out. We sit here, all of us remaining, The President of the 67th Dimension, who joined our crusade a while back. Headshooter, who has over 300 confirmed headshots in the Navy seals. Epi, Leone, who is kinda weird. Mythical Space whore. What a nickname. I don't know where he got it but we all have out names for past actions. Mine, Ender, is because I am good with disguising. Don't ask me I was practically assigned the role.

We are thinking long and hard about how to combat our attackers. We did manage to take down one of our competitors. I forget which one. Prolly' because they were no one special. Som' FRG or som'. I don't remember.

"Hey, Mythical" someone shouted from a distance.
Turns out it was Ayres.
"heyyy it's been forever man! How you been? Actually, where you been?"

He didn't respond though. All he did was hand us a map. A very large map. He had something else in his hand too. Something he gripped very tight. He held it as if he could fight off and army of ten thousand men just to hold onto it. I didn't bother asking what it was. No one did. It seemed personal.

"Hey, Headshooter, toss me an M4" said President.

"Man, I feel like I'm your guys's NANNY or somethin!" Headshooter says as he tosses the gun.

"It's because you literally appointed yourself a nanny while you were drunk 2 months ago. You ain't never living that down" said Mob.

"You guys suck. Your moms are gay!" The nanny said in response.

Kyukon walked in on us having fun. He ripped the map away from me and started barking orders. No one really listens to him though because he's annoying. He takes everything too seriously. But, he then reminded us of the fallen. The ones who died for us to be able to have this opportunity. We looked at the map whilst huddled with one another in the basement of our base. In a room with one entrance, one exit.

The map turned out to be a map of our biggest enemy. NTG. This must have been where Ayres was.

Failofzenight walked in. He seemed concerned. He was talking about a certain rule that someone broke. He had recently become aquatinted with the court system. Someone was going to trial. Someone, was getting a verdict. He didn't know when. But, the one thing we did know, we had the floor plans to NTG's base.

Leone stood puzzled. He didn't know what to think of the situation. He looked, troubled. Like these plans were something that would affect him in more ways than one.

"So, are we going to pretend that this is okay? Ayres has been gone for MONTHS and we don't even know anything about where he was. How he returned. NTG is known for finding moles. They have never NOT found one."

Ayres managed to say something. Something I remember as I stand here today. Writing this.

"I'm sorry." A single tear fell from his right cheek.

The room, it was infiltrated. There were people pointing guns at us. People that I never knew existed. Tens of people in a small space. Fail, was shot. Wounded badly, but not dead. A man emerged from the crowd of obvious, opposing faction members.

"You can come with us, or be forced to come with us."

But, something happened. A man came from a secret entrance. The walls behind us, behind ME, moved. A man that had stringy hair and a straw hat. Red Eyes. And, a clean suit. This man, was Billy.

Thanks for reading. Lemme know what I should add *Please know not EVERYTHING requested will be added Big Grin* below. Thanks again.
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I like. Has many good meme
Really good and Headshooter, who has over 300 confirmed headshots in the Navy seals., thx for the recognition and I think you need to talk with me more and get the way I talk more better 
Question. Why am I the traitor? Lol, this is fucking great though.
i kinda want to know what was in the other hand
(02-24-2018, 07:23 PM)Aye! It\s Ayres Wrote: Question. Why am I the traitor? Lol, this is fucking great though.

In a way you were forced to betray lol
(02-25-2018, 10:13 PM)Headshooter2018 Wrote:
(02-24-2018, 07:23 PM)Aye! It\s Ayres Wrote: Question. Why am I the traitor? Lol, this is fucking great though.

In a way you were forced to betray lol

Part 9, Cardboard RDMs everyone with the leaf blower and gets pbanned ayy lmao

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