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WoGs Courtroom part 7 "

Before you read this story, if you have NOT read my others, here are links going from #1 - #5 Part 2

#1 -

#2 -

#3 -   *Not my best work LOL*

#4 -

#5 -


We walked through the gates as many others I did not recognize did too. People from, rival clans. I recognized them because I was a part of them for very long. As my formally known name, They were people who wanted nothing more than to harass us and take away our pride. They approached the owners of this new foundation and said that THEY had owned it and will go as far as to blow us up with missiles to reclaim their land. It is true, we did BORROW some land. But, nothing special. It was vacant anyway... . . . Or, so we thought.

"Hey, Ender, what's goin on?" Atomic had asked.

"They -"

Atomic dropped to the floor. I knew exactly what was happening. The rival clan, M.O.A.T., had come to reclaim their area. Atomic is dead. It was their signature move. A sniper. MANY snipers. The next thing I knew, many bodies had dropped to the floor. The only one I recognized after the siege, was Bong Jovi. The man who had given me inspiration. He, like Atomic, was dead.

We later learned a list of all the fallen. It read "Karkat, Bong Jovi, Cannabis Corpse, Len Shadow, Loki The Zorua, and many others. At least 20 names. I realized, they were taking out all the older members of our faction. People who had been there for a while. All of my closest friends. Aside from karkat. This was a a horrible way to start this fresh start. We had nothing to defend ourselves. We had to leave everything behind the gate that locked us in that room for hours. Things like guns and grenades. This was a fresh start. And it didn't last very long for many of my friends.

*3 months after "The Reset"*

We have moved to a series of buildings in the sky. Like, Rooftops almost. There wasn't much talking as we were getting there.

"Hey! Wait Up!

As we are discussing how to get back at M.O.A.T., the building across from us had collapsed.

"What the..." was the only sentence that came out of us for a long time. We had nothing else to say. That building was a very KEY point to everything we had been doing. Plans we had stolen, our ENTIRE gun supply, all gone. It was as if a Traitor was amongst us.

*A Month later*

We then decided to move to a different location, something we liked to call 67th way. It was our base of operations. We had much to discuss.

Thank you for reading this. If you enjoyed it, PLEASE let me know below. It has been exactly a year and 15 days since I have written a story like this. Part 7?
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pls do a ded
tf is this gay shit
(02-17-2018, 12:05 PM)Yung Emo God Wrote: tf is this gay shit

I haven’t seen you try and make a story.
Good meme 
Add more characters
Well played ender, I like the story, I have heard of your involvements on the past, would be cool to see you add some new people

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