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Claim Rules

Claim rules:

Innocents and traitors cannot claim rooms, even in overtime.

Detectives may claim one room in a given round (meaning that if there are multiple detectives, they must agree on which single room to claim).

When a detective claims a room they must put in chat “I claim [insert room description here], enter = kos”. The room must be adequately described in chat before the kos can be active (“I claim the room in the house” is too vague. Use the defining features of its composition and placement to clearly define which room it is. Something more like “the bathroom in the main house” (example is of ttt_67thway) is more appropriate)

Once a detective has claimed an area, going into it is KOS. If someone was in the room when it was claimed, they’re safe. If they leave the room and come back in they can be killed. The detective can attempt to push people out of an area using the push of a melee weapon. Opening the door to the claimed room is NOT kossable, but entering it is.

A claimable room must have:
  • 4 walls and a ceiling
  • One door (the door must open and close. It cannot be a teleporter or an open archway)
  • No other exits (no windows that can be broken and jumped out of, no vents that can be crawled through, and no teleporters)
  • The area claimed must be of a size within reason (Cannot be so massive that it is actually a major part of the map [see examples], so it has to be a relatively small)

Bad Examples (unclaimable areas, and why):
  • The Nether on ttt_minecraft_b5 (too large, entrance is a teleporter, not an actual “room”, it’s an entire area)
  • Tester room on ttt_minecraft_b5 (Breakable windows and floor. Can’t claim just the lower area either because there’s no door separating the two)
  • Room with cactus and traitor door on ttt_67thway; the creator calls it the “living room” (traitor door is another exit, therefore it cannot be claimed)

Good Examples (Ones that CAN be claimed, and why):
  • Hut on ttt_minecraft_b5 near the nether portal & Hut in nether (both are rooms of reasonable size with only one entrance. Has windows, but not breakable ones)
  • Tester on ttt_67thway *OLD VERSIONS* (single room with one entrance. Rooms with testers may be claimed if they fit all the other requirements. However, this room CANNOT be claimed if it is a version of the map where the tester can be broken to reveal a vent that can be used to leave the room. This is another entrance and is therefore unclaimable)
  • Jail cells on 67thway (single rooms with only one entrance. Cannot claim the jail cell with the breakable panel in the floor that gives access to the underground, as that is an additional way in/out)
  • Bathroom in main house on 67thway (Single room, one door. Traitors can teleport into this room using the T room however. Seeing as they would be KOS for having been in the t room and using that teleporter anyways, they’ll be killed regardless of whether or not the room is claimed)
  • Pretty much every closet on most maps (most are a single room with a single entrance/exit)

This list will be updated as more “problem areas” are discovered
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