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The Lands of Terraria

Chapter: 0

Player: Freddy

Day: 1

         I felt a sharp pain in my side, I wake up and sit up right and notice I wasn't the only one passed out in that grassland. As I move over towards the m I stumble over a backpack directly beside where I was just sprawled on the ground, and as I look back towards the others I noticed they have the same type of bags as i do. "What is going on here?" I exclaimed out loud. Almost immediately after I said that, one of the others sat up, exclaiming with a loud "UGH!" as he sat up. "I didn't think I had drank so mu...." He trailed off as he began to look around. "Whe.... where in hell are we? Wtf, last thing I remember was me hanging out in a club partying, taking a few shots then blacking out, why in hell am I in a random grassland with a bunch of guys I don't even know?" he said staring at me. His eyes went wide, "Ohhh god, please don't tell me we.......", he said as he got on his hands and knees."Oh god... oh god... oh god no....". While he was having his mini freak out, the other 4 guys started getting up, one after another, until we were all conscious and aware of what was happening, until I realize there may possibly be clues hidden within these backpacks we found beside us. As I start looking through, the first thing i notice immediately was how there seems to be something with this backpack, it looks incredibly small on the outside, but after I open it up, it seems it's four times larger on the inside, while digging I found 3 items in particular, a pick, a short sword, and an ax, all seem to be made of the same material, I believe it may be copper? "Aside from only having tools made out of extremely crappy material and being way bigger on the inside than what actually appears, the bags don't seem to give any clues as to what's going on."  

         I notice after I said that, the first person stops freaking out. "Alright guys, there can't just be nothing, I'm gonna go up that hill and take a look around, maybe I'll find a city or something, hopefully." As he says this, he immediately starts running up the hill near where we wake up, it's nothing too high, but it should be enough to see rooftops or maybe something else that would help indicate some form of human life around here. I just sit there and watch him run when out of nowhere I get hit from behind. "What was that?" I exclaimed. As I turn around, all I see was this green glob. While I sit there and watch it, I notice it move a little, almost like a shake, then out of nowhere it jumps directly beside the person who was freaking out. "What the hell is this thing?" He says while he pokes it with his short sword. The green glob shakes, a little more than what i noticed it did when it moved originally, and jumps and hits him in the chest. "Owe, you wanna go bitch?" he exclaimed as he stabbed it again followed by the glob jumping at him again. This went on for about a minute until it exploded from his last stab, and it seemed like it dropped some coins and a large glob of itself, but it didn't seem like it was alive, but just in case we sat there and watched it. After a moment, he walked over and grabbed the coins and left the glob, I thought that was a little wasteful and grabbed it, assuming it may be useful later. Afterwards the man who had ran up the hill was running back to us. "HEY GUYS!" he exclaimed as he ran up beside me, "I didn't see any houses or towns, but there some guy hanging around  those trees over there, I think we should go ask him if he knows anything, but just to be safe, be careful, we don't know anything about this place, for all we know, he was the one who brought us here."

         As we all ran up to him, he seemed to be anticipating our meeting. "Ahhhh, I see you all are newcomers to this land, so allow me to say welcome to Terraria, on behalf of the residents of these lands!" He said, almost cheeky.

         "Thank you...." I said hesitant. "Do you have any clue how we were brought here by chance?"

         "Ahhh, I do indeed!" The man said with a smile. "You all are ones of many to be chosen to help protect these lands from the darkness!"

         "I'm sorry, but what?" One of the others said, almost like he seems to be confused.

         "Really? We were chosen? AWESOME!" Another of the nameless people had said.

         "Indeed, but do be careful please, tho many are chosen, most are not... capable.... So do get along." He said as tho he had one of us in mind. "Also if you ever need help, please feel free to ask, I am the guide of these lands, you may call me Andrew. Though if I may ask, later on would you please help me out later on as well?" He said with a big grin forming on his cheeky face.

         "So.... is there anyway to get back home at all?" I asked immediately after.

         "Yeah, I'm a lover, if I get started fighting it just wouldn't be fair on this "darkness," or whatever you call it." Said the guy who freaked out.

         "Unfortunately, no. Once your here, there's no way that I'm aware of that might be able to return you home, and the only way to fight is to either fight, or die." Andrew said with a serious look on his face.

         "Well considering the situation, then it would best be known, my name is Freddy, nice to meet you." I exclaimed. Immediately after, everyone else began to introduce themselves. I learned the man who had freaked out was named Lawson, the one who noticed Andrew the Guide was named Silent, the one overjoyed to be chosen was named Hydra, the one somewhat afraid of the situation was Nacho, and the more quiet one was named Acidic.

"Ohhh, two more things and I'm done, you all will need to learn to live off of the lands, there are numerous amounts of treasures scattered throughout the land, both above ground and under, it would be best to find as much of these treasures as you can, as well as ores and such to make yourselves some armor and such." Andrew spoke.

         "Thank you, Andrew, if you ever need help yourself, feel free to ask." I said. "Ohh, there was one more thing wasn't there?"

         "Do not worry, I will once i see you all are capable of doing so, and yes indeed." Andrew said as his face gets serious again. "Its best if you all hole yourselves up for the night, either inside a cave you fortify or to make a quick shack or something, but it is best to not be outside at night with the gear you all have right now...." He trailed off. "Most who don't make it.... don't make it past the first night..."

         As he said this, I immediately look up at the sky and notice the sun passed the center of the sky. "It must be passed 2:00 pm already!" Acidic said with a grim look across his face. We all rush away with our axes to get wood for some form of shelter.

         I turn around. "Thank you for everything Andrew." as I immediately turn back and again head with the rest. That was the first day of being within this world, I had no clue of what would happen next, but all I knew was all I wanted to do was survive.
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No Roscoe
+1 Real Name = Caleb if wanna use real names
Ch. 1
Player: Silent
Day: 1

As we split up into groups of twos, we each had different objectives: One team chops down trees to use for a make shift shelter, one team looks for a place to find the make shift shelter, and one team was to find food. To decide who gets what job, we drew straws, thankfully i got the easy job with acidic, to find a suitable place to make shelter for the night, idk what happens at night, but from the look he gave us, i'm not planning on questioning or challenging it either, at least for now. "Hmmm, the sun seems to be getting  closer to dusk, we still have nothing, what kind of shelter you think we should have, eh Acidic?"  I asked.

"Hmm, if we have any kind of shelter, i think we need to have a house, a big one with a pool, maybe even with a dungeon, but were gonna need some rooms, at least one for each of us, oohh and a big living room, with a flat screen tv!" He kept on.

He seems a lot more out there now that hes actually talking, but hey, at least its not like he isn't bare-able. "I just meant for the night, i'm not a carpenter or anything, but I don't think its possible to build that within a day, let alone before sunset." I exclaimed.

"Nah, i'm sure its possible. Ohhh hey, its more of those things!" He said as he pointed towards 2 more green globs and a larger blue one.

"Huh, whats with that blue one? Hey Acidic, lets go ahead and try to avo.... HEY!" I exclaimed as he charged toward them with his short sword out. "Was I really the one stuck with this? i knew this job was too easy to be true." I thought as i grabbed my short sword and charged with him.
As Acidic hit the left glob, I struck the right one. It seemed as though they target the ones who attacked them rather than attacking in a group force, further more, the blue one didn't seem to care, further strengthening my theory. As it charged at me i jumped back to dodge then lunged again, striking it, and repeating until it seemingly exploded, dropping the slimy glob and the coin, i noticed Acidic still fighting the first one so i charge at the blue one, stabbing it then jumping back, again, it quivered like the others and got ready to charge, as soon as it jumped at me I jumped back again, except this one seems to have far more jumping power, as i balance myself,  the slime nails me and throws me back onto the ground. As i sit up to realize what happened, I notice the slime preparing to attack again, i roll as it lands where i sat. As I stand back to my feet Acidic jumps from behind with his short sword and stabs the slime, i take the chance to charge it as well. I do not know how this thing likes to attack, if by who hit it first or the last to attack it, but it was still targeting me and as it charged i jumped to the left then charged again, stabbing it simultaneously as Acidic did, killing it. It seems to have dropped more of the slimy globs then the green one and more coins as well. We pick up the coins and the globs and continue on. "Geez, it seems the bigger the globs are the stronger they are, that one diffidently had a lot  more health, speed, and jumping power." I said.
"I know, it was kinda fun." He said with a smile. "Though i don't see why you grabbed those globs, you and Freddy both, it seems pointless, what use you think we would have for them?"

"I don't know,  but if we do have a reason to have them, its best to have as many as possible when it comes down to needing them. Besides i feel like they will be useful anyway." I said retorting his comment. "But man, that killed a little bit of time, we need to hurry up and find somewhere to take shelter."

"Hmm, what about there?" Acidic said pointing at a cave. just from looking at it, it seemed not too deep to have anything dangerous in it or be incredibly hard to barricade, but not too shallow to not fit all of us in it at once. To be quiet honest, it seemed perfect to use for a night or two.

"Nicely done Acidic, lets go check it out." I said as we ran towards the cave. As we stood in front, i notice its a rather bit dark i can make out a few stalactites and such, and a few shapes that looks like rocks that would make decent seats through the night. "If only we had flashlights or something that would help light this place up."

"Hmm, I think i might be able to do something, hold on!" Acidic said as he grabbed a few sticks and tried to make a fire with them.

"Hey, im gonna take a look inside, ill stay in view though." I said as i started into the cave. I stumbled around over some of the rocks, but after a few minutes I caught my bearings of the cave. "Man, this place really is dark, i cant see a thi...... OWE!" As i looked down at what i kicked, it looked like a rock in the dark, but it felt like i hit steel, and it moved around when i kicked it, whatever it is, i doubt it was a rock. As I lean downwards to see, I looked back to acidic, he mumbled something about scouts but other than that, I don't even think he heard me yell. My attention back on the thing, I place my hand on it, it was cold, but not as cold as i had expected, and smoother, in fact it kinda felt like it was made of wood. I continue running my hand across it and i think I felt steel, which would explain why it hurt so damn much when i kicked it, as I continued, I felt a level, as though it was cut in half. At this point i realized what I was messing with, I put my hands on either side of it and push upwards, as expected it moved as i did, I was correct it was a chest, but I couldn't help but wonder what was inside, I had no light to see and could only rely on my sense of touch, I placed my hand inside and at first I felt metal, almost like it was a plate, I move on from that and I felt something poke my fingers, I move away from that immediately, and I hit something wooden, not as tough as the wood from the chest, I grab one side and something gets on my hand, I think I found a torch, now I really wish Acidic got that fire going.

As I think this, I immediately hear Acidic yell. "Damn it, those damn scouts are bullshit, this stick thing doesnt work for shit, if only I didn't let Ham take my damn lighter." I hear Acidic yell Angrily.

"Wait, lighter? THAT'S RIGHT! I forgot to give Finger his lighter back when were hanging out last night! What a stroke of luck!" I think happily as I reach in my pocket and pull it out. I immediately  snap the lighter, light the torch, and hold it over the chest as i peer in it and see what all i ran my hand across. Firstly, I notice more unlit torches, about five of them total, after which my eyes move to a pair of spikes that seem to go on your shoes, then the metal plate with the attached cloth seems to be some golden-ish looking aglet, I then notice some metal bars, I think they might be the same metal as what the chest is made from, and other than some coins, that seemed to be all the chests contents.

After i'm done searching, I hear foot steps behind me. "Hey, i could use that." He said excitedly. "Ohhh wait, whats this?" He looks at the chests contents and grabs the aglets out. "Awesome, i needed more of these!"

"If you want them you can have them, those don't seem to be of much use." I said, my attention veering off as i walk out side and notice the suns position. "Damn, we've spent too much time, Acidic wait here, i'm gonna go get the others and bring them here so we can start to fortify this cave." As I spoke those words, Acidic came over to me and started to deny my order.

"Why, let me go get them and you wait here, I don't wanna stay in some cave, for possibly hours alone!" He said arguably.

"Stop, i'm the faster one, remember? I had to stop constantly cause i was getting ahead of you." After saying this, I began to run ahead, I immediately hear foot steps behind me, I was starting to get annoyed as I realized he was tailing me. I look behind me over  my right  shoulder and I see no one there. "What the...." I said as i look to my left and i notice Acidic has matched my speed, no, hes running faster than me, as I realize this, i immediately turn around. "Don't forget where the cave is, i don't wanna be the last one alive by the morning." I yelled at him as i started running back towards the cave.

"I won't, I promise!" He yelled back at me.

How did that happen? How did he get this speed boost over me when not even an hour ago he couldn't even keep up with me? I kept asking this to myself. What was it, the only thing that changed was.... was.... the aglet? I thought this, confused until something Andrew said echoed through my mind. Something about treasures, perhaps these treasures have special abilities to them? Maybe that's how it happened, it would make sense as to why he said to get these items now. I think this until a thought crosses my mind. "If the aglets give you a speed boost, I wonder what those shoe spikes do?" A smile formed around my face as I ran in the cave to begin trying on the spikes, neglecting to notice the shadow on top on the caves entrance watching as I run inside.
I would feed Roscoe to the blobs
-1 Wrong format Kappa
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lf> a chapter on me
Ch. 2
Player: Acidic
Day: 1

As I ran towards where we decided to meet, I couldn't help but ask why Silent let him go so easily. Perhaps he finally sees that im awesome enough to do as i wish! But even with an answer like that, it still doesn't please me for some reason. Whatever the case is, I ran continuously towards the humongous tree we made our meeting place, probably for about 10 minutes until i can see the massive trees trunk in front of me, except.... the first thing i noticed is there was a a whole in the tree trunk, more than enough to act as a doorway. "I wonder where this came from." I exclaimed to myself as i look down and notice its like a stairway leading down wards into what looks like a room. As i begin to be taken by my own curiosity, i begin moving downward towards the door. I rush down ward until I grab the door and open it, thankfully some of the light traveled inside so i can see the the room slightly, it was a small hallway with another door on the other side. I walk to the other side and open the door, with no clue as to what I was going to do, what I was going to see, what demon filled abomination I was about to release on to world that was going to destroy us all. As I peered into the room, i sat blankly as I can make out three items, a table, a chair, and a...... a...... a chest? Why would a demon hell bent on destruction need this for? "Hmmm, maybe a demon doesn't live here after all then." I said to myself, almost glumly. I walked inside and step towards the chest. "Hey maybe there's some new shoes in here for me?" I said while throwing open the chest to find a weird wooded device with what looks like vines around it, and this weird wand made of wood, it reminds me of theh tree itself actually. As I start outside, I begin to get a little bit disappointed about the fact that there was no demon here after all, i continue this until I take a step too far from the stairway and start falling down the trees shaft. "Ahhh." I screamed as I grabbed onto the thin boarding that made the stairs, expecting it to break, but to my surprise, was a lot more sturdier than i had anticipated. After a few seconds of holding on i look down and realize i really need to hurry before i lose my grip, just at that instant, Freddy grabs my hand and helps pull me back up.

"Careful there next time." Freddy told me reassuringly.

"I will, I will." I exclaimed as we walked up the stair well towards the others gathered around the tree trunk.

"So, hows the shelter hunting going?" Nacho asked.

"And where the hell is Silent, did he fall down there as well?" Lawson questioned.

"The hunt for shelter went well, Silent is at the cave were gonna be staying at. Ohh, also, don't worry about fire, silent has us covered." I said excitedly.

"Great, we need to get going immediately, it's nearing dusk and we still need to fortify this cave you guys found to make sure we will remain alive." Freddy said with a serious face. "Which way are we going?" I pointed towards the direction I had come from in response to Freddys question. "Alright, lets move!" We all began running towards the direction i pointed at, but what i didn't realize was as I look to see if there with me, i'm faster than them, than all of them, and now that I think about it, i caught up to Silent as well when we started running earlier, maybe I really am the chosen one?

After another 10 minutes,  of running we arrived at the cave to find Silent jumping onto the wall with spiked shoes on, almost as though he was trying to rock climb. "What are you doing Silent?"

"I think these wall spikes are suppose to let me climb walls, however I think im missing something with them." Silent said halfheartedly. "All its letting me do is lower my traction against the wall."

"Why would you assume something as stupid of an idea as that?" Lawson blurted out.

"Cause apparently these items have special abilities with them, you didn't notice Acidic out speeding all of you? That's because of the aglets hes wearing" Silent said.

"Are you kidding me? Man, i thought i might have actually been the chosen one." Acidic said pouting.

"Get over it and get your asses over here. I'm not building this whole damn thing all by myself." Lawson said annoyingly.

I notice Freddy set his bag down and his eyes go wide. "Wait, what about Andrew? It didn't seem like he had a home and he will be out there all alone with no where to go, we need to go get him!" Freddy said frantically.

"Why? He has been here longer than us, i can almost guarantee he knows what hes doing regarding these kind of things." Nacho said calmly.

"I'm gonna go get him." Freddy said while he stood up, placing the food in the chest.

"Are you kidding me?" Silent said sitting there shocked. Freddy didn't answer, he immediately jumped up and ran out the cave. "God damn it!" Silent started chasing after him with Hydra on his tail.

"Wait for me! I dont want you guys to have all the fun!" Hydra said excitedly.
Ch. 3
Player: Hydra
Dusk: 1

As I followed Freddy with Silent, we ran back to where we had seen Andrew. Night would soon be upon us as we moved. "Freddy, you need to come back! If Andrew was in any real danger, he would have come with us when we left, or at least asked us! Hes going to be fine, lets just head back to the cave, they wont be able to barricade it without us inside! Are you even listening to me?" Silent pleaded.

"Who cares? We get to see why he was so scared about us being out at night! I said cheery. "What do you think it is? You think it might be vampires? Maybe werewolfs? Oohh, maybe even zombies, i cant wait."

Why are you so happy about this? You heard him, if most people die on the first night, then i'm almost positive its nothing we can handle, and with us out as it is right now, i can guarantee this wont be pretty, or good, for any of us!" Silent said annoyed.

"Awww, your no fun. You heard him, we were chosen to cure this place of the darkness, there is no way we could die the first night, if at all, were like super heroes protecting the world!" I said happily.

"Ugh, you and Acidic both, what is with you people, true, this place somehow has magic and living creatures that im just surprised can even exist, but life is life, and then there's death..." He trailed off.

A little bit up a head we could hear Freddy yelling. "ANDREW! ANDREW!" He repeated. Until we came up behind him.

"What is your deal? He isn't here, are you happy? We spent all that time getting things ready and..." Silent paused and looked up at the sky. "Ohh look, i can barely see the top of the sun passed the horizon, just great, I hope your gonna enjoy what comes next."

"What is with you, do you have no regard for anyone elses life?" Freddy snapped back at Silent.

"Of course i do, but that's not the point, the point is you rush out on your own without knowing what the hell is going to happen to try and find someone who we were lucky enough to find hanging around were we woke up when that exact person said not to come outside at night, and look what you do, you run outside at night!" Silent snapped back.

"Hey guys?" I piped in.

"Well did you offer him to come along with us? Did any of you offer him this? I know for a fact I didn't and I would feel unbearably horrible if something were to happen to him! We owe him for the information he had given us and we just run off as if we didn't even care about what happens to him!" Freddy said.

"Umm, guys?" I tried to say.

"Of course I care, and we offered to help him any way we could, if he needed help surviving during the night you think he would ask if he could come along? And for all you know this is the guy who brought us here and is just playing tricks on us, we may even just be in his mercy!" Silent chimed in.

"Guys!" I said almost yelling.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Freddy and Silent both yelled at me.

"Theres only 6 of us right?" I asked.

Freddy and Silent looked at each other and turned back to me with confused looks. "Umm, yes?" Silent said, almost as if he responded with a question.

"Then who are they?" I pointed off into the distant to 3 figured walking towards us.

"Did the others follow us as well?" Freddy asked.

"No... not that i'm aware of, but if they did then why are they only walking instead of running?" Silent asked back.

"I don't know... Im kinda getting this.... creepy vibe though." Freddy said back to Silent. Freddy started moving towards the small group, taking small steps until he could recognize facial features. "They.... they.... they..... RUN FOR IT!" Almost instantly Freddy took off with me and Silent moving behind him.

"Whats going on? Who were they?" Silent started questioning Freddy.

"I'm not entirely sure, but just from the look of it they look a lot like zombies... I could see bones on one of their arms, arrows in anothers chest.... i'm not completely sure, but for the time being, im going with what Hydra said and go with them being the undead!" Freddy said frantically.

"Hey there's more up ahead!" I chimed in.

We moved from our original path a little bit, but just enough to keep them from getting near us. As we got near them, I could hear Silent stammering, as it became obvious why Andrew told us to stay inside at night, the whole area was filled with undead, swarming with small groups of them. As we kept keeping out of the way from the zombies, we saw the cave come into view, they seemed so relieved to be back near shelter, I just wish they would let me fight, im sure i could take them, but for right now, i needed to make sure Freddy and Silent were protected, they were helpless without me.

As we ran into the cave we noticed our companions all sitting by a campfire. I saw Silent and Freddy just stop at the entrance while Lawson and Acidic immediately move behind them to finish barricading the caves entrance. "Don't worry, I made sure these two idiots didn't get hurt while they looked for Andrew, though we couldn't find him so we came back, so you four can rest assured since im here now!" I said with a smile as I grab some of the food over the fireplace. I stop and think, did we really have four people here the entire time? As I look up, I realize why Freddy and Silent just stopped and kept silent. "Hello again Andrew, how long have you been here?"

"Apparently, I got here a few minutes after you guys did, i'm sorry i couldn't get here sooner before you guys left." He said apologetically.

"He has been sitting here telling us all these things about this land, also, apparently you were right about these treasures Silent, they seem to have strange abilities, just like you said." Acidic said as he and Lawson were done barricading the entrance.

"Whoa, that was fast! How did you do it so quickly?" Silent said.

"It's because of this Living Wood Wand i found at that tree Freddy saved me at, apparently i can use it to place wood where i please and convert it to this "living wood" stuff that the huge tree was made of." Acidic said.

"Andrew has been telling us all these things about this place while you buffoons were out running around with the zombies." Lawson chimed in.

"Apparently, Andrew also has this device that analyzes items and can tell you what they are used for and how they are used, u can even place it onto these crafting benches and stuff and they help you make items, here go ahead and show him."

Andrew immediately got up and walked over to this bench and placed this weird disk with a gem looking blue orb in the middle of it. "Here, toss me some wood." He asked, followed by Acidic throwing him the wood. He places the wood on top of the table and presses the blue gem until a light popped up, then he ran his finger above the gem inside the light until a holographic broad sword popped up, then he grabbed where the swords handle was and pulled out a wooden broad sword from it.

"Whoa!" Silent, Freddy and I all exclaimed at the same time.

"Indeed, ill tell you guys more about this tomorrow, you  all need to go ahead and get some rest." Andrew had said with a smile.
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