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The Lands of Terraria

Ch. 4
Player: Nacho
Day: 3

It's been a whole day since we found ourselfs in a cave barricading ourselves from the zombies, since then Andrew has been around helping us out and making sure we know what we are doing. Hes been giving us large amounts of information, for example, he was telling us about the numerous breeds of slimes that exist, about all the fascinating treasures that are buried around this world, about all the people who were "chosen" and didn't make the cut, or the few groups that are actually still around, all of this and more, but he did give us more warnings while he was at it. These warnings he had given were different to a degree, but the end results were about the same, follow these for the time being.... or else death might find you. Firstly, he told us to keep away from any deserts, oceans, and any purple looking land mass, but the wording he used was "the area you find the most evil in," which is also the darkness the world had chosen us to stop. He also told us to go underground, but not far enough where we began to see black variations of the slimes, and to stay away from going underneath the icy areas of the world, he said the treasures there are more numerous, but far more dangerous. And lastly, he said, under any reason, do not go near the dungeon, especially inside, and  do not let the old man who hangs around there see you after dark, he never told us why, however, after the warning he gave us about the night already, i didn't plan to go out there unless I had to.

"Hey, were running out of wood over here!" Freddy had said to Lawson.

"Geez, why the fuck am i your damn lap dog? Why couldn't it be Silent or Nacho?" Lawson protested as he handed some wood to Freddy and Acidic. "Like really, why do I have to be here building these damn houses while they get to run around and scout out the lands and explore underground? How is this fair?"

"You lost the coin toss fair and square, why must you complain about this?" I said annoyed.

"That game is only a test of luck, I can guarantee you right now if it was a game of strength, you would be Freddys bitch right now and I would be running with silent." Lawson snapped.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm sure you would, but that's not the case now is it? Also, glad to know you admit to being a bitch." I said with a smirk.

"THAT, is NOT what i meant! Wait, hold up, why was Silent immediately nominated when me and Nacho had to do some stupid game, why the hell is he the special one?" Lawson said angrily.

"Because my treasure is far more useful exploring than it is building houses." Silent commented back to Lawson.

"No, no, no, that is not how this goes, lets flip right now, if i win, you hand me those shoes and i take your place." Lawson said while flipping a coin before Silent even got a chance to speak.

"Heads." Silent said while signaling for me to move on.

I began to walk pass Lawson when i heard him start swearing repeatedly, i'm can only assume Silent had won the coin toss without even planning to let him go. "Alright guys, were heading out, if you need us, be sure to use the communication overlay Andrew gave us. We will let you guys know when we get ready to come back."

"Alright you guys, please be careful and don't do anything too reckless." Andrew said as he walked up behind us.

"Don't plan on it, we'll be sure to let you guys know what all is in what direction as well, later!" Silent said as we walked into the trees, unaware of where we were going.

"Hey, you think were going to be fine?" I asked as we went out of view of the houses our group was building.

"Of course, we have the overlay in case something too bad happens, also to make sure we don't run out during the night, and with the warnings Andrew gave us we know where we shouldn't even think of going, and lastly, the worst were looking  at at the depth were going seems to be aggressive over world slimes, so i see no problems what so ever with these broadswords we made." Silent said reassuringly.

"Alright, if you say so." I said hesitantly as we began climbing a large hill we planned to scan the area with. Once we reached the top, we immediately noticed a purple looking area due west of the hill. "So that's the corruption huh? Just looking at it kinda scares me... glad were gonna avoid it for now."

"Agreed, and I assume that is the dungeon we shouldn't get near." Silent said while pointing north-east past the corruption to a building we could barely make out in the horizon. "And since we just came from the south, that leaves the east, the north, and in between."

"Hmmm, that looks promising!" I stated as i pointed toward a large looking hole leading downward.

"Agreed, lets move." He said as we began making our way toward the cavern. After about 30 minutes we reach the cavern and notice its deep, almost as tho its enticing us to go in and help ourselfs. "Alright, here we go!" He said as we immediately plunged inside the cave to the depts unknown, unaware that one more person, who had been tailing us, jumped in as well.
Fyi, after the next chapter, im prob gonna let people make choices, regarding what happens next in the story, though think of this story like a hardmode run on terraria, 1 life and your done, and dont think i wont kill anyone off, cause i couldnt care lessd lol
Ch. 5
Player: Lawson
Day: 3

As I entered the cave at about 4 pm, I notice there were torches moderately around the place to light it up. "Ohh good, I was right when I thought I had seen them enter this cave." I began to move forward into the cave trying to keep as far away from Silent and Nacho as I could, though just in case something were to happen, i prepared for a worse case scenario as well and brought torches and wooden steps if things go south from my original plan. It seems like I spent an hour walking through this cave as it zigs and zags, I have barely gone down as well, at least from what it feels like. Soon I could hear voices below me, so I started moving slowly looking at my left and right trying to find some way to head downward as silently as I possibly could, up until I almost walk over a ledge directly in front of me. As I began to fall, i grabbed onto a vine directly above me and sat there for a moment thinking it was a good thing mother nature was on my side, until the vine began to break and i fell over the edge.

As I fell, I thought it was moments until I was dead, that gravity would be the one to do me in, I had always pictured it being an angry mob of pissed husbands beating my ass for sleeping with their wifes. Next thing I realize, a jellyfish stings my ass and I scream out and jump out of the water to find Silent and Nacho staring directly at me. "So they were right, you did ditch house building and followed us." Silent said annoyed.

"We better try to get a hold of them and make sure they are aware we found him." Nacho said to Silent."

"I'm on it." Silent said while moving his hand to his ear and walking away.

"Tsk, there was no way i was standing around there and building houses for the next few days for only a chance to go exploring after you guys are back." I said partly annoyed.

"We figured." Nacho said. "About 10 minutes ago we got a call saying no one had seen you for about an hour, so we have been waiting down hear sure you would tail us. Ontop of that I would assume theres about 30 minutes of sun light left until night time, so it's rather obvious your sticking with us."

"Precisely what he just said." Silent said. "Now come on, lets get moving." We immediately begin moving through the cave. "I am making sure you are aware of this,  but be sure to  pick up any kind of ores you find, were gonna need them for equipment, and tell us if you find any chests, were gonna put all the items in a pool with the others to make sure we all have moderate survivability."

"Fine, if I must." I said turning away. "So how far are we going?"

"We aren't going to where we get the really good stuff is, but we are going around to it, just make sure we are aware if you see skeletons or black slimes." Silent pointed out. We began stopping, mining and scanning around trying to find stuff we could use, until I happened upon some weird bottle of something.

"What do you guys think is in it?" I asked.

"I don't know, but Andrew was telling us about these potions and other things, you should probably drink it and find out." Nacho pointed out. I immediately downed the bottle. "Feel anything different?"

"Whats going on back there?" Silent yelled about twenty feet ahead.

"There's a chest directly to your left Silent." I said

"Wha... what?" Silent looked and turned back. "There's nothing there?"

"Its behind the wall." I said quickly.

"If your wrong, I hope you know im gonna make you pay." Silent said as he starts digging. After about 20 minutes we broke through the wall and Silent looks around. "There's nothing here, get ready to get your ass kicked." Silent say while punching his palm.

"Hold up." I said as i run up some rocks. I almost instinctively go straight to the chest and open it to find this weird jar that looks like it has fog inside of it, some gold bars, a few more potions, and some gold coins. "See, I told you I belong here!"

"How..... how did you know where that was?" Silent stammered.

"It was probably that potion he drank." Nacho said.

"Well then, lets be sure to put it to good use." Silent said smiling.
Awesome! Jellydonut luv <3
Sorry spaced out and couldnt find out how to make a poll on here without making a new thready, so here is this.

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