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The Lands of Terraria

Chapter: 0

Player: Freddy

Day: 1

         I felt a sharp pain in my side, I wake up and sit up right and notice I wasn't the only one passed out in that grassland. As I move over towards the m I stumble over a backpack directly beside where I was just sprawled on the ground, and as I look back towards the others I noticed they have the same type of bags as i do. "What is going on here?" I exclaimed out loud. Almost immediately after I said that, one of the others sat up, exclaiming with a loud "UGH!" as he sat up. "I didn't think I had drank so mu...." He trailed off as he began to look around. "Whe.... where in hell are we? Wtf, last thing I remember was me hanging out in a club partying, taking a few shots then blacking out, why in hell am I in a random grassland with a bunch of guys I don't even know?" he said staring at me. His eyes went wide, "Ohhh god, please don't tell me we.......", he said as he got on his hands and knees."Oh god... oh god... oh god no....". While he was having his mini freak out, the other 4 guys started getting up, one after another, until we were all conscious and aware of what was happening, until I realize there may possibly be clues hidden within these backpacks we found beside us. As I start looking through, the first thing i notice immediately was how there seems to be something with this backpack, it looks incredibly small on the outside, but after I open it up, it seems it's four times larger on the inside, while digging I found 3 items in particular, a pick, a short sword, and an ax, all seem to be made of the same material, I believe it may be copper? "Aside from only having tools made out of extremely crappy material and being way bigger on the inside than what actually appears, the bags don't seem to give any clues as to what's going on."  

         I notice after I said that, the first person stops freaking out. "Alright guys, there can't just be nothing, I'm gonna go up that hill and take a look around, maybe I'll find a city or something, hopefully." As he says this, he immediately starts running up the hill near where we wake up, it's nothing too high, but it should be enough to see rooftops or maybe something else that would help indicate some form of human life around here. I just sit there and watch him run when out of nowhere I get hit from behind. "What was that?" I exclaimed. As I turn around, all I see was this green glob. While I sit there and watch it, I notice it move a little, almost like a shake, then out of nowhere it jumps directly beside the person who was freaking out. "What the hell is this thing?" He says while he pokes it with his short sword. The green glob shakes, a little more than what i noticed it did when it moved originally, and jumps and hits him in the chest. "Owe, you wanna go bitch?" he exclaimed as he stabbed it again followed by the glob jumping at him again. This went on for about a minute until it exploded from his last stab, and it seemed like it dropped some coins and a large glob of itself, but it didn't seem like it was alive, but just in case we sat there and watched it. After a moment, he walked over and grabbed the coins and left the glob, I thought that was a little wasteful and grabbed it, assuming it may be useful later. Afterwards the man who had ran up the hill was running back to us. "HEY GUYS!" he exclaimed as he ran up beside me, "I didn't see any houses or towns, but there some guy hanging around  those trees over there, I think we should go ask him if he knows anything, but just to be safe, be careful, we don't know anything about this place, for all we know, he was the one who brought us here."

         As we all ran up to him, he seemed to be anticipating our meeting. "Ahhhh, I see you all are newcomers to this land, so allow me to say welcome to Terraria, on behalf of the residents of these lands!" He said, almost cheeky.

         "Thank you...." I said hesitant. "Do you have any clue how we were brought here by chance?"

         "Ahhh, I do indeed!" The man said with a smile. "You all are ones of many to be chosen to help protect these lands from the darkness!"

         "I'm sorry, but what?" One of the others said, almost like he seems to be confused.

         "Really? We were chosen? AWESOME!" Another of the nameless people had said.

         "Indeed, but do be careful please, tho many are chosen, most are not... capable.... So do get along." He said as tho he had one of us in mind. "Also if you ever need help, please feel free to ask, I am the guide of these lands, you may call me Andrew. Though if I may ask, later on would you please help me out later on as well?" He said with a big grin forming on his cheeky face.

         "So.... is there anyway to get back home at all?" I asked immediately after.

         "Yeah, I'm a lover, if I get started fighting it just wouldn't be fair on this "darkness," or whatever you call it." Said the guy who freaked out.

         "Unfortunately, no. Once your here, there's no way that I'm aware of that might be able to return you home, and the only way to fight is to either fight, or die." Andrew said with a serious look on his face.

         "Well considering the situation, then it would best be known, my name is Freddy, nice to meet you." I exclaimed. Immediately after, everyone else began to introduce themselves. I learned the man who had freaked out was named Lawson, the one who noticed Andrew the Guide was named Silent, the one overjoyed to be chosen was named Hydra, the one somewhat afraid of the situation was Nacho, and the more quiet one was named Acidic.

"Ohhh, two more things and I'm done, you all will need to learn to live off of the lands, there are numerous amounts of treasures scattered throughout the land, both above ground and under, it would be best to find as much of these treasures as you can, as well as ores and such to make yourselves some armor and such." Andrew spoke.

         "Thank you, Andrew, if you ever need help yourself, feel free to ask." I said. "Ohh, there was one more thing wasn't there?"

         "Do not worry, I will once i see you all are capable of doing so, and yes indeed." Andrew said as his face gets serious again. "Its best if you all hole yourselves up for the night, either inside a cave you fortify or to make a quick shack or something, but it is best to not be outside at night with the gear you all have right now...." He trailed off. "Most who don't make it.... don't make it past the first night..."

         As he said this, I immediately look up at the sky and notice the sun passed the center of the sky. "It must be passed 2:00 pm already!" Acidic said with a grim look across his face. We all rush away with our axes to get wood for some form of shelter.

         I turn around. "Thank you for everything Andrew." as I immediately turn back and again head with the rest. That was the first day of being within this world, I had no clue of what would happen next, but all I knew was all I wanted to do was survive.
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